Sunday, October 15, 2006

Placing internationally is GOOD for the ego

I'm skipping one post and going on to this one which provides info that made me *very* happy! The added bonus is that you get to know which picture made the finals...

It has shown up here. Check out the 2005 finalists, I'm week 1 in October
I just got an email telling me I'm a finalist in the National Wildlife Federations 2005 photography competition!!!!!! Yea!!!! I think I'm a bit giddy!

Originally posted: Nov 15 2005


Anonymous said...

Congrats.. that pic is indeed very good. Is the leg stuck in the leaves ?

I was thinking about sending some pics to NWF, but I remember reading that they only accept North American pics.. so never bothered.

Natasha said...

I really dont remember about the leg. The grasshopper had just hopped onto the leaf is all I remember.

About NWF, 2005 they allowed entries from everywhere. They've only restricted it in 2006. In fact if you look at the winners, Hira Punjabi is among them. He's won the Sanctuary award before. Check the Finalists images, you'll notice some others by him and the fact that he took some liberties with the rules....Anyway...later

Rahul said...

Very cool!

About your "in a hurry" post, does that mean you're winding up at IISc/moving?

Natasha said...

No, not winding up yet. It means i'm sorta driving to finish writing a paper.