Friday, June 30, 2006

Landscape, medium format and me

Sometimes off course I use wide angles to do what they were intended to, to make landscapes.

The first one is the Airfield at IISc. A place where a lot of people find they like to go to escape (!) the canopy! We have a unending sometimes oppresive canopy, if you're a photographer you know exactly how dark it makes things. Apart from this off course the fact that in the overcast months it can get pretty gloomy in the building and so on. Nothing really ever looks and feels like sunlight, no lamps, no bulbs can recreate that feeling. The Airfield is a grassland, wide open spaces, the wind and sky.

This, the other one, is the pond in Jubilee, overgrown and dry. The rains have greened it, but not yet filled it. In a good year it gets filled to the other rim, where the Agaves are, with water. White breasted Moorhens forage at the borders and Kingfishers fish in it.

The rains are on their way as you can see, and hopefully so is enough water to restart this cycle. The thing I love about this picture (and actually this place) is the chaos of it all. Everything competes for your attention in its sheer greenness. The Jatropha in the foreground, the Vincas putting the heads through the rock, the ridge on the other side with its massive Agaves and dead trees...and the carpet on the floor of the pond. Now how I wish I had a medium format camera, so you could see every piece for eternity, detailed and in full colour. The D70, my D70, reduces the Agave to a few pixels....and I might never be able to blow this up big enough to have the picture ever 'feel' like the place....oh well, not that I am complaining, not within earshot of my camera :)

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