Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bricks not in a wall

Would you? I'd much rather just write a cheque...if I could that is!

"Call it a grand idea, good enough to beat all laws of appreciation.

The Indian Institute of Science is planning to sell bricks that once formed hostel blocks, for $1,000 (more than Rs 40,000) each. These bricks are not made of gold but of golden memories, the institute says.

The IISc is confident that its old boys, many of whom are now top researchers and scientists in India and abroad, will pay more than that to take home one of the 8,000 bricks up for sale as centenary souvenirs. "

Somehow that phrase 'old boys' catches my eye....Off course it was a boys hostel...and I imagine girls wouldn't want any part of it :)

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