Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quick thank you

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to the Voices, the IISc newsletter for featuring my blog.

For those who are first timers here, I've been sort of walking around campus, taking photographs, a lot over my few years here. I'm quite interested in the wildlife /natural history. I'm also quite interested in photography. This blog contains a lot of both.

The archive go back as far as 2005, please dig through them if you enjoy what you see. Theres a bit of an image-outage on some of the posts, which I will fix eventually. If theres anything specific that you'd like to know or see (that I might know about/have), let me know, I'll try and post about it. Have fun. Thanks for stopping by.


Pulok Pattanayak said...

Another feather in your already colorful cap! Congrats.

Natasha said...