Monday, March 10, 2008

Going away

Evening at the gymkhana grounds
I'm going away for a while. If all goes well, I will be in Bristol tomorrow. I'll try and be good and regular on the blog, but we'll see how it goes. I've packed a very unusual camera bag by my standards, so let's see where this takes me.

I'll be away from IISc longer than I have been in nearly nine years! And I expect a lot to have changed when I return. The landscape has slowly been changing anyway, and occasionally walks in IISc feel almost lunar. But even the people I know and have spent so much time with may not be around. It feels a little disconcerting.


Swaprava Nath said...
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Swaprava Nath said...

Great work, amazing photos!!
It seems we didn't open up our eyes to see so many things that exist here in IISc.
Since photos are copyrighted, I want the permission to use one of them to use as my desktop wallpaper.
Keep it up, Best wishes,


Abi said...

This post sounds like you're going to be away for a while. What's up? Post-doc?

Whatever it is, here's wishing you all the best!

Do keep blogging ...

Rahul said...

Postdoc? Short-term position? Have fun! I'm sure you and the people you know will manage to meet up at IISc now and then, for a while anyway.

Natasha said...

Swaparva, sure go ahead things like that are ok.

Ok maybe I made that sound like too long. It's three months (and yes i haven't been away that long in so many years). Its a short term project in a lab in Bristol, through a collaboration that Rohini has.

The jetlag is catching up and its cold, buts it pretty nice here, nice to be someplace so new! Thanks for all your wishes!

Amrita Tripathy said...

hey natasha... u leaving CES, got post doc or some workshop.. good luck for ur ventures.

adios n regards

Prasanna M said...

Hey...This is Prasanna from Math Dept...Few of my seniors at the dept, were raving about your camera - I couldn't help but google your name :-)
Thought of asking you about your blog, but alas, your away :-)
About the pics...I am sure you've heard this on numerous occasions - Fantastic! Haven't seen all of them, but the few I've seen, have been a treat. Kudos!

Natasha said...

Thanks, Prasanna glad you enjoyed them.