Thursday, July 16, 2009

Secret Lives: floating around the net

Hey there,

A few people have told me recently that a pdf of the entire book has been passed around the net. Be nice guys, that was a lot of work and is important to me. It's not meant to be viewed as a pdf on a screen, which is most likely uncalibrated and far too small to do the images justice.

Besides passing a copy around like that means someone, somewhere, can poach my images and use them without permission or payment. I'm assuming that most of you that read this wouldn't want that to happen to me. So if you have a copy or know who has one and is passing it around, delete it, ask the person to delete it. If you know the source of the leak plug it and let me know who it was, and I'll offer the person a good piece of my mind. And then get a copy of the book!



photo retouching services said...

The problem with the web is that there are some unscrupulous people using it, and spoiling the experience for the vast majority!

Suneel Madhekar said...

Piracy is an unfortunate reality of the Internet. And Secret Lives is a most wonderful book. We should try to protect it from piracy, to whatever extent we can.

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