Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Populist pandering

 If I look at what people click in to see, I notice that you like the beasties and the landscapes. Birds, not so much. So I'm going to start with a landscape so you'll love it and then slip in some birds on the sly.

Of course, you might be getting bored anyway. So if I fail to garner any interest at all, I can probably go back to not posting anything at all...It is soon going to come to that, seeing how I can see the bottom of the Namibia barrel already. Well, thanks for being an audience to share things with!

Copyright © Natasha Mhatre If you're reading this without attribution to me anywhere other than at my blog Talking Pictures, its probably being plagiarized.

1 comment:

Samira said...

Please, please continue to post pictures from Namibia! Even though you sent them to R, we haven't seen them yet, and in any case, the anticipation of a new picture everyday is quite delightful.