Friday, April 07, 2006

Sometimes its just about being awake

And then off course once you've seen the opportunity, about taking it. I'm sure you've seen these pots in you're home. well i realised there was a just begun one in mine and i figured that well the wasp will come back and finish it. so i waited for it. the first set of pictures were ok...not close enough, light wasnt right. but because i knew what the wasp would do i could set it up so things would be right...

Then i waited over several days, hoping to catch a trip when she was bringing some mud in...and now i'll wait for until she brings over some caterpillars.
Other times its even easier than that. these are lacewing eggs, they've hatched unfortunately. next time i hope to catch them before that happens. These were on my balcony curtains, the red lights them up nicely, doesnt it?

oh the other story in this one? make sure you've backed up before you delete!!!! i deleted all the RAWs for this session and theres no back up, oh well, they're still there i'll try and redo it .

The addendum to this story is that I was never really able to 'redo' it to my satisfaction. The positions of the eggs had been altered due to many things...and I couldnt replicate what I wanted to. Moral of the story, do not loose your RAW files.

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