Monday, May 14, 2007

The animal is the environment

This insect, probably a homopteran, a heteropteran, has possibly the best camouflage trick in the world. It layers itself with the environment its in. Invisible under bits and pieces of detritus, wood, insect bodies, blending in completely with the background it can walk around with impunity.

The only clues to its being alive are the facts that it moves and you can just about make out its exposed eyes and antennae.

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Bloginder Singh said...

Tumuch Tumuch

Natasha said...

this sounds tumuch like a certain KC pahadi I know, identify yourself ole man :)

Bloginder Singh said...

The one thing im really happy to read here is your advice on sitting i-podless and basically vegetating endlessly with your camera till you get your shot.

That statement gives us "masterpiece by the minute" hopefuls the illusion, that your vegetating will give us enough time to paint penises onto our unfinished greeks and emerge with something comparable in beauty. I am jealously in awe of your creative drive. The smiley in your message however gives me hope. You too are evidently amenable to pedestrian cutenesses. Yes it is I the Condy

Natasha said...

My 'creative drive' is largely displacement activity. The thesis draws to an end and I attempt to distance myself from all the flying flaying loose ends.

Vegetation, I can gaurantee, leads to something. Masterpieces I don't know. I maintain that my secret is vegetation, as extended as possible. All inertia is good.