Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who's reading this?

I was saving this for some day when I was really exhausted. Today is that day. And for some day when my traffics improved a bit. It has since the wildlife photo secrets posts (1, 2, 3).

So here goes. Tell me who you are? Some of you I know, some personally. I know why some read this site, (p.s. they know me and enjoy watching me make a fool of meself!)

But there are many others, it'd be great to get to know who those readers are. I'd love to know why people read the things I write here, so I can write more of that stuff. And tell me if there's anything you'd like me to be talking about. Tell me which were the completely pointless posts and then be nice and tell me about the ones which were useful to you.

Say hi, willya?

P.S. Sorry to folks who use the feed reader and suddenly have a huge number of posts. They're all old except for this one, I merely added labels to them.


Bengt said...

Hello Natasha...

I am one who linked to your excellent serie. I also have started to read your blog though since i really like your excellent site.

I have an growing interest in nature photo.

I think you should join Naturfotoforum. It is a dual language site. We use both english and swedish. I think we need more english speaking people and would be fun to see you there too..

Fabs from Florida take some of the best bird photos i seen.

Welcome to attend..

Johan said...

Hello! I dont remember where I found your blog. Could be photography voter or something. The articles that intressts me are those "How to", and where you show your work and tell us how you did.

Even I recomend Its a Swedish forum, but with a few english speaking users. The best nature photography forum out there!

Hope to see your there.

And please, check out my webpage, and click on my Portfolio. I have snake pictures to! ;-)

Raccoon said...

I came today for the first time from:

And I am totally blown away. Believe me when I say that:)

I moonlight as a fashion photographer sometimes but am totally impressed by what you have here. I dont post my best pics because of copyright issues but I could never take wildlife pics like these!


Abi said...


It's good to see -- finally! -- a picture of you with a very good friend of yours ...

Natasha said...

Hi Bengt and Johann, I had a look at the site. I'll probably join and lurk, dont know how much I can contribute. Thanks for the invitation.

I promise to write some more how-tos Johan, I've few ideas lined up in my head. As soon as I can make a little time.

Thanks Raccoon, glad you like the stuff, keep coming back.

Finally, yes Abi, I kinda try and keep my ugly mug out of Talking pictures :). The other guys on this blog are good looking enough to give anyone a complex!

Steven said...

Steven here. I too can't recall how I found your photoblog but I've been reading for sometime now. I enjoy your photos and especially your nature photography series posts on light and push-push-push.

Natasha said...

Hey Steven, glad you like the stuff up here and hope you'll keep coming back. There'll be some more of those kinds of posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nats,

Sandhya from NCBS here. Have been a regular at your blogspot for a few months now. Never made the trip back to CES to see your pictures but its really cool that you maintain this blog.

The pictures are beautiful and each time composition catches the eye! Although not pretty, the one of the dead crow was so morbid but real. I see many animals run down and razed to the roads on my daily ride to NCBS and it saddens me that we can be so indifferent.

Your feature on the monkeys was very impressive and the links to many of your articles are cool and very interesting read. Keep up the good work. so looking forward to your book.

Best wishes,

Jim Johnson said...

Natasha, I tracked you down after you left an interesting comment on one of my posts, and I came back because your posts are honest and smart. I also like your photography a lot even though my own blog is focused elsewhwere. I think I commented on a couple of your posts that have to do with technique, which were interesting to me even though I am not myself a photographer (in fact, it reminds me why I never could be!). So keep writing (about anything, really) and posting pictures please. Thanks! Jim

Natasha said...

Hey Sandhya, glad you read this and like the photographs. How's work going?

The crow actually wasn't road kill as far as I could tell. Its time had come that's all.

Which is not to say we don't have any. Plenty of it in fact. There will I suppose be a few accidental deaths. While I do feel sorry for the dead animals, its not as bad to me somehow as there not being anything at all. I know of the existence of some species from roadkill alone. And I'm glad to be in a place unlike Bombay where there is something on the streets other than humans. It's a little less sterile somehow...

Jim, thanks a lot, seriously, to have you say that my posts are smart is really something. Your blog is an inspiration in thoughtfulness and intelligence. I hope I can keep you coming back.

kpowerinfinity said...

Hi :)
Read your blog once in a while. And somehow, came today!
Keep writing and posting pics,

khal said...

Hi Nats

I lurk on your blog because I love you and because I know you love me too. ;)

Natasha said...

Off course I do, Khal!

Edward Baker said...


I just came to visit as I am currently working with George Beccaloni - and he showed me some of your cockroach photographs.

The photographs are really good, and I have added you to my feed reader.Good work!

Ed Baker

Natasha said...

Hey Edward,

Just had a look at your sites as well. You've an interesting thing going on the invertebrate blog and defence of reason blog as well. Good luck with that!

ASHOK@IISC said...
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ASHOK@IISC said...

Hi Nats
I am a regular visitor of your blog. Nice photographs and comments you have. Different people see nature in different angle as you and me. I am getting lots of inspiration from your photography.