Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stones and open spaces

Stone from Widemouth bay: what are those lines? Geologists?

I criss-crossed Cornwall and Devon over the last long weekend. Geology written large across the landscape, Tors in Dartmoor, old seabeds and strata exposed on Cornish seasides. I wish I knew more, I wish I remembered all I read clearly.

Pony in Dartmoor National park

Crockern Tor in Dartmoor

A hare at Lizard point
Seaweed at Widemouth bay
A seagull at Tintagel
The same bird


Anonymous said...

oooh tintagel. according to mary stewart that's where king arthur was conceived.

Natasha said...

If he ever existed! The evidence is apparently quite scarce.

Anonymous said...

Hope you would be more regular at blogging. I miss your pictures and observations.

Natasha said...

I am returning to India, so things will change again. I don't know if it means there will be more blogging time though :)