Sunday, June 22, 2008

WPY 2008 Semi-finals

That is as far as I got. The original entry is here. It's a high hit rate, but why oh why am I not getting past the semi's. Any insights anyone?


Anonymous said...

I can not speak specifically regarding this particular competition but having seen judging of others after looking over countless entries the ones that stand out not as technically correct or perfect photographs of the perfect moment but photos that possess all of that and are totally different and unique and unexpected, which your plant photo at top would seem to be. The rest of your photos are all beautiful and represent the categories but most likely got lost in the normal predictably photos they were seeing. Keep trying at least you are making it to the semis so you are pretty close to having what they are looking for in a photograph.

Natasha said...

Thanks for that,

I dont know if I agree with your pick on which photo stands out the most, but I suspect what you say is true in principle. That the photographs aren't strikingly different compared to the many other they probably see...

I thought that the firefly image might be :) but maybe not. A similar image, a simpler one (the firefly wasn't fluttering) got to the finals last year.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your photography. At first the slightly off composition was disconcerting. Yet each one contains more than the subject, revealing environment. And I thought that was how you meant it to be.

Maybe your photographs are too complex to compete in contests where formulas carry the day?


Natasha said...

Thanks Eli,

Glad you like the work I do...Its nice to hear that you can glean context from my images as well. I have been trying to work that into my images a lot more of late.

And yes what looks slightly off to you looks just right to me :) So yes it's supposed to look that way.

WPY isn't strictly formulaic, I can't say that it takes any very serious risks, but...well, it is the big daddy of wildlife competitions.