Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Add a win...

The bat pollinated sausage tree flower
...to my long list of tries. The NWF magazine wrote to me letting me know that this image has won in the 2007 contest. They've asked people to upload originals for verification. There are still a few official steps to go I guess. The results will only be out on their website in their Dec/Jan issue. But there you have it, I can now officially say 'international award winning photographer'!

This was the same contest in which I'd been a finalist in 2005.

The last few weeks have been nothing short of spectacular. I finished my colloquium, had a paper accepted, got some truly great shots I'd been trying for and now this. (Well, another good thing happened, about which I will get back to you when I'm a bit more certain. All I have right now are notes scribbled in the margins of a print out of an e-mail. When there's a little more, I'll let you know.)

At any rate, I feel like the law of averages will catch up with me and something will blow up in my face pretty soon. Someone pinch me, please?


Rahul said...

Very nice!

There's no such thing as the "law of averages". A run of heads doesn't make tails more likely. In fact one can say the opposite: a run of heads suggests the coin is biased to heads. If things keep working out well for you, it means you're good and things will keep going well...

So you have two possible careers to choose from, with established credentials in both -- and very few people can claim that. According to Scott Adams, you'll do well.

Christina said...

Hey Natasha
I've been looking in on your blog (thru Khalid's) now and then and the pictures are always so amazing. Congratulations on this win, this one is gorgeous and on all the other good things happening right now :) enjoy!!

Abi said...

Congratulations, Natasha! Tthe picture is absolutely stunning; I love it!

This is really great news, and thanks for sharing it with us.

Natasha said...

Thanks Rahul. I know, but presuming that my coin is loaded on the good side, well, seemed like hubris and I am still pinching myself.

But I'm glad to hear what Scott Adams has to say, I've been thinking of it as hedging my bets, his is a more sophisticated take.

Thanks Crissie, :) good to hear from you. You pop up on Khals blog once in a while and thats all I know of whats going on. How's things?

Thanks Abi, glad you liked it. It's an old picture actually. It's interesting how these things go. I've never entered it before and this time it won. My eyes for my own images are a bit jaded I think, I'm a not good enough picture-editor!

Sainath said...


Natasha said...

Thanks Sainath

FriedClyde said...

some impressive photography on your blog i must say!


Natasha said...

Thanks Clyde :)