Sunday, March 29, 2009


Bristol's not full of graffiti or street art, or at least no more or rather less than other European cities that I have seen (few that I have seen). But it does boast one rather famous artist, Banksy. I have seen a few of his, one at the end of the post, but here's just a few others from around home and work.

This one from a closed pub down the street I live on.
It resonated a lot with how I feel right now.

On the wall of the Highbury Vaults, an old and lovely little pub with a garden full of
metal statues of animals, that we used to go to often. Reputedly the place where
some criminals who were to be hanged went for their last meal.

And the famous Banksy on Park street, on the walls of a sexual health clinic.


molarbear's posts said...

I enjoy your photographs a lot, but this lot, I enjoyed on a different level Natasha! :)


Natasha said...

:) I feel a bit ambiguous about essentially wholesale appropriating someone else's art in my pictures. But I claim no credit so its fine really...:) but yeah I enjoy street art hugely.

Suneel Madhekar said...

Very creative street art! Awesome captures, all!! Yeah, as long as you're not claiming credit, I think it is fair!!!

Natasha said...

:) Oh absolutely do not claim any credit whatever!

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