Saturday, March 28, 2009

One rainy day in Bristol

I looked out my kitchen window and this was what I saw. (Go on click on the image to see it full size.) (I feel like I am breaking a nice little rule or two here.) It's a good portion of the Clifton end of the city of Bristol. And a big red thing, red and gray thing, that looks a bit like a missile, sticking out of the top of a building.

That building is the Royal West of England Academy and it's hosting Crimes of Passion, a street art show. I finally couldn't wait any longer (sorry, V) and went and saw it. Here's a few favourites from the show (Urban wildlife included.)

There are a few that there is no use reproducing here, cause they have to either be seen at that size or up close, or are very very Bristol. You have to see them for yourself, like the Bristol city dinosaur and associated map and the red, black and yellow Bristol images.

Glorify and Persecute
First lessons(?)
The Helpful Panda
The things I miss the most right now
Bacchanal (The things I don't) Rings a bell somehow
And here come the beasties: Bag lady

The chav
The can eater

And finally, the drunk (!) cans: the prey species

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