Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ordering the book from Scholars without borders

And finally you can order the book and pay online from here!

Only so this post isn't a single line long here's what a few people have said about the book:

The Benagluru Pages
The Hindu (a while ago)
Timeout (also long back)


Aniruddha H D said...

Was refering to some dragonfly/damselfly images and came across your flickr and ultimately your blog.
Thought I would give my regards and best wishes and congratulations on the book you have published!

PS. Nice blog, I'm an amateur photographer (yeah, Sony H7!) and keep clicking whatever I see. So it's good to see some other blogger with same hobby, or rather instincts!

PPS. I'm gonna watch this space :)

Venu Gopal said...

I got a copy of this book (Thanks to Suneel for the gift). The pictures are really stunning and beautiful. A great piece of work indeed!!!

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