Monday, October 15, 2007

The clean up

Vidur's bag of garbage
As you might have guessed from Joyshree's comment on the last post, something did happen. Abi sent a mail to many people who live in those quarters. One of them was Arati who decided the best way to begin tackling the mess, was to at least begin ourselves.

A whole bunch of people, faculty, their families and some students turned up there this Sunday at 10:00 and began cleaning up the place. I think I can safely say we made a dent. We hauled a lot of garbage away. The pile in the picture is just about half of it, the other half had already been safely transported to a nearby garbage bin. And the picture is short on a few people as well, some folks left before we took the pictures.

Group photo: not everyone's here (PS. Take a look at the sign)
After the clean-up there was a discussion on what could be done about this specific problem and about waste management in general. A few things got chalked out and various people have taken up responsibilities. I think it's got the ball rolling on many issues and I hope that the group can sustain momentum. In all, it was a really great afternoon.

I can't say enough to thank all the people who got down and dirty! Thanks! Especially Abi and Arati.

Full size images in the Picassa gallery here.

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Sudhira said...

Hey, Congratulations! The blog post influenced action. So, whats next?

Natasha said...

The Faculty members and their families who attended the clean up are planning various things for their apartment complex.

On a student level, Mahua and I were thinking of a 'Green gang' revival with a campus wide clean up. Coming up shortly!

Sudhira said...

Cool, count me in for "Green Gang"!

Rahul said...

Nice work!

Arati said...

I think reviving the "green gang" is a great idea-hope its open for campus wide community and not just the student body.

Natasha said...

Hi Aarti,
Off course it'll be open to anyone who would like to get involved.

Mahua who was also there the day of the clean-up has taken over for now. We should be sending out a mail shortly.

Bharathraj G. N. said...

wow.. nice work :-), but campus wide cleaning?? what does that mean? the campus looks so clean & green anyway!