Friday, October 26, 2007

From Mediastorm

Michael Fay and Mike Nick Nichols keep plugging away at everything wildlife related. They seem to also pretty much be inseparable...

A short documentary on Zakouma National Park in Chad: Ivory wars: Last stand in Zakouma.
The documentary is made in an interesting way, melding music, narrative, video and stills. Much higher reliance on stills than ever seen before. Its somewhere on the interesting continuum thats beginning to develop in visual story-telling. From straight image and article stories, to Magnum in motion features to a full video documentary. The middle grounds in this continuum are only really now developing and starting to fill up. The internet is a great thing! Incidentally one of the stills from this movie feature in the Shell WPY 2007. See if you spot it.

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Kalyan said...

I totally agree with you. The Ivory wars has been on my head since I've seen it on NGC website. Really looking fwd to doing some stories like that with still images.

Something about images that are lot more powerful than videos (ofcourse unless you are BBC and have david naratting it for you)