Tuesday, January 17, 2006


A gray wagtail down at the water level in the pond in Jubliee. It was a long wait before this fella got accustomed to me. The white breasted water hen at the other end didnt want any truck with me, ever. And although she got chased around for invading another wb waterhens turf several times she didnt come any closer to me.

Its an amazing place down there, last week i spent the good part of a day there...theres about 6 different odonates. and they seem to a certain extent to seperate their display times out through the day. the surface of the pond is covered with flies that walk on the duck weed and scum. the lovely green in the picture is actually the duckweed on the surface of the pond. Theres a checkie who hunts among it. and a whole host of birds that feed all day and then spend the night in the brush by the edges.

interestingly there arent as many mosquitoes as you would imagine. perhaps because the dragonflies eat them....

Originally posted: Jan 17 2006