Thursday, February 09, 2006

What's luck got to do with it?

Something, a little bit ...I waited nearly 3 hours for these pictures. I've waited 2 years to wait those 3 hrs!

I walked down a mud path on campus a few days back, looking for owls. I didnt find any. The lucky bit was that a family of three mongooses were there instead. They probably visit this bounty of bananas left behind by a devotee next to a small roadside shrine once in a day. I happened to walk by at the time that they made their daily visit and saw them before they disappeared into the brush. That was lucky....I know now they are there maybe, 20-30 mins cumulative in a day.

I didnt get any shots on that first day. I've gone back to that place 4-5 times now. This thursday, I had a day off and spent nearly three hours waiting for them to turn up. And they did.

Originally posted: Feb 09 2006