Monday, January 23, 2012

A leg up

I occasionally get emails I really don't believe I ought to deserve. Sometimes I refuse the offer made, there were a few advertising offers and a few requests for reviews. I don't really have the visitor stats on the blog that make me feel that I can honorably accept that sort of offer. But occasionally a photographer writes in, asking for a mention. I don't really know what to do then. I'll decide on a case by case basis, but everyone can use a leg up, no matter how small...So here's my small nod to Gabriele Basilico, because he was nice.

(c) Gabriele Basilico

Gabriele's a young Italian photographer from Saronno, who likes to shoot film, even in the age of digital photography. With a Rolliflex. Brave man! He says he enjoys the process of visualisation and the challenge of waiting to see what you imagined emerge in a darkroom. And he has a couple/few of photographs up for auction for the first time! Which is cool and exciting for someone starting out....