Saturday, April 05, 2008

Help me pick a cover

Cover 1Cover 2
Cover 3

So my focus group so far has picked the following three as possible images for the cover. On the basis of appropriateness and appeal. Pick your favourite. In the poll in the sidebar. This ones for those folks who've never hit the comment button. Heres your chance to contribute!

PS: I had an email today from someone called Rashmi and unfortunately it went to my spam folder and I noticed it just as the page was refreshing after I hit the delete button. I appreciate mails that I get from folks who read the blog and really enjoy getting them and I usually reply quite soon. So if I've done this before, I'm awfully sorry!

PPS: I think we have a winner in number 1!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In the thick of it

A firefly takes off

Have I been away too long? Have you missed me? My work schedule here has been quite hectic. And here I am in the middle of it, the BBC wildlife magazine office is in the city (I should go drop off a portfolio, right?). The brilliant Tim Flach has an exhibition here soon. Ben Osborne is going to speak at the uni soon talking about filming for Planet earth. Can I move to Bristol, you think?

In other non-news I put my Wildlife photographer of the year 2008 entry together. I am a lousy photo editor. S who has been helping me with the book will attest to that. I make the classic rookie mistake of getting attached to images that I really like or worked for. I forget about the viewer sometimes. So doing it in isolation, without third person perspective, this year made it quite hard. But I did use what folks on the blog, on Flickr and in person have responded to most. I leaned hard on S's judgments from when we put the book together. I did take some 'risks' though, this is still about personal vision.

For all those folks who hung around through the long silence, here's my entry, with that one image that I have been holding onto for so long. It'll be out in the book, so I guess I'll let the world see my baby. You've seen most of the other images at some point or the other.

PS: A wallpaper (image of your choice) for the first person to reconstruct how the never seen before firefly image was taken. People who've had explanations directly from me, don' t spoil it!