Sunday, June 14, 2009

Come here, Sunshine

We went for a walk in Leigh woods again yesterday. The flowers are different ones now, bramble and honey-suckle. The copper beeches were the colour of old clotted blood. We saw a roe deer and swung on our swing which was new and improved this time. The rain had beaten the garlic down and the woods still smelt of it from the broken stems. But we were happiest and staring like little children in wonderment when we saw Sunshine.

Here is Sunshine, and you might see why we were so pleased.

What a beautiful bird! What an amazing sight to see this bird flying behind this gent's car down a road through the woods. It landed on the car which went up and down that stretch giving it a nice flying session a few times.

I am no fan of exotic pets. The wildlife trade is very destructive and kills a lot of animals. But apparently there are many parrots that are bred at the country of destination and are not imported which is the major cause of mortality and morbidity in such pets. I hope this is one of those. It surely was a beautiful and healthy looking bird. And much more surprising than the peacocks I heard in Cornwall.

I kept hoping to see the parrot and owner as a pirate at the Combustion club, but sadly no.