Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry and Utamaro woodcuts

I've been writing a story about a Japanese soldier in Guam, and while doing some research I stumbled on these beautiful books. Some of the beauty of the poetry will obviously escape non-Japanese speakers like me. But the detailed nature of the drawings will not. I thought some of you would really enjoy them. Do have a look!


Arati said...

Dear Natasha, What a beautiful GIFT...loved the stunning woodcuts!!
thanks for sharing.

Samira said...

This is amazing! I can look at them over and over again! And the play on words in the poetry is also exquisite.

What a find! :-)

melanie said...

To view the early works (1788-1790) of Utamaro in facsimile form, via the link you provided, was a delight.