Monday, July 23, 2007

The rains

Jungle myna collects termites at emergence
The rains have been on now off again this season in Bangalore. (And the last season, and the one before that). I bet every creature that synchronizes it's life cycle to the rains is just a tad confused. Nonetheless, the showers over the last few days brought a dutiful few termites out of their holes in the ground.

A Common myna joins in the act

And the birds dutifully waited as well. The pickings were good and even the littlest creature got a little something. Out of each hole would emerge a few termites and then stop. The flock birds kept whirling from one hole to another trying to catch the stutters of the food stream at the right moments. Most they caught, the few that escaped will perhaps breed and create new streams for the coming years.

A Zitting cisticola/ Streaked fantail warbler with a termite

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