Sunday, July 01, 2007

Unsuni: The unheard

We had a performance entitled 'Unsuni' performed by Mallika Sarabhai's troop Darpan at the CSIC auditorium this Friday.
In their own words from the website of Unsuni:

"The Unsuni project intends to bring the stories of those people, the faceless, voiceless, helpless masses, to the forefront of our conscience, to the front pages of the news. While not wanting to take away pride in India’s successes, we want to provoke those who can make a difference to take action to make things better for the unfortunate.

We aim to become a catalyst in having this
volunteerism become a movement, by tying together with activists and NGOs who need help and can direct youths’ energy properly and usefully. We feel that if India is to grow as a healthy country and not one increasingly threatened by Naxalism and violence, it is an essential and urgently needed step that we fuel the debate on the marginalized amongst youth that are otherwise obsessed by brands and malls."

Here are some disorganised stills from the performance and the setup before it.

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